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Student exchanges within the ABC – SOCRATES group

The exchange of students can be for
  • a practical period included in the study course of the sending institution
  • a final thesis
  • a participation in normal course lectures or lab-work as agreed between the two involved institutions of the sending institution
  • participation in graduate courses (Master courses)
The members of the ABC – group support the exchange of students by
  • personal contacts between the involved institutions
  • language courses
  • EU-SOCRATES grants
  • helping with accommodations
  • social contacts at the receiving institution
For projects offered to students to do
  • a practical period in the receiving institution
  • a thesis in the receiving institution

The interested students should contact the staff members at their home institution responsible for the desired contact. Furthermore they can get direct information about typical projects offered by the links given in the table of ABC partners.
More Information: contact the partner institutes

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